Amber is a technology and design powerhouse. I have rarely worked with anyone able to manage as many details or produce at the volume and quality that Amber does. She is comfortable with custom online product development, from e-learning to toolkits to websites, as well as working within repeatable custom frameworks. She also has a fantastic eye for graphic design – always thinking about color, shape, and placement to maximize impact. Not only can she produce, but she is also adept at managing numerous details, plans, and time lines associated with as many as ten projects at once.
-Abigail Wheeler
Amber is a devout professional with top-notch skills in design and web development.Not only can she create great-looking, functional user interfaces, she also has the insight to look at projects from the end user’s perspective and is constantly thinking about how to improve. I worked with Amber on the Creative Learning Solutions team at Dare Mighty Things, and could always depend on her to meet deadlines, produce quality work, and be a true collaborator. She cares deeply about her work and puts in the time and effort to get a job done, no matter what it takes.
-Sarah Flaherty

Amber is an outstanding individual. Her drive and ambition have helped her develop the skills and attitude she needs to succeed as an independent designer or as a very successful member of a larger team. She has a strong acumen for handling project details, is committed to hit her deadlines without fail, and is committed to keeping team members and managers informed throughout any project she works. Amber truly cares about the work she does, is open to feedback during the iterative design process, and is driven to teach herself new tools to help continually improve the quality and effectiveness of her work.
-Donna Gandt
Amber is one of those rare people who is not afraid to reach beyond her comfort zone, and as a result, she’s a valuable and dynamic team member. She is a fearless problem solver who embraces the latest technologies and delivers professional results every time. It is a real joy to work with Amber. -Cristy Cardoso
Amber has had a positive impact on helping our new department create email campaigns to support our revenue goals. She works collaboratively with our group to ensure our creative design for our campaigns has a high click rate possibility. She has a natural sense of marketing and layout design that fit all forms of media. Her ongoing concerns relating to customer needs and how we filter our information is key to her success. She is a valuable contributor to our company. -Karen Belanger
While working with Amber at Dare Mighty Things, we worked through various challenging projects where no two were alike. Amber always brings new ideas to the table and continually seeks to improve on her latest piece of work. She strives for excellence and often achieves it! She keeps projects moving forward and overcomes any obstacles with a focus on completing a project that she can be proud of.
-Gretchen Morgan
She was a fantastic person to work with. I worked with her on various projects within the Creative Learning Services division. Amber is an eager perfectionist. Dedicated and reliable. Working with her is a signature of success.
Mark Burgess
In my experience, people with equal measures of true creative (visual design), technical, and project management skills are incredibly valuable to an organization because of their versatility and capability. Amber clearly displays these traits. Read the full letter here.
Nick Bush