I grew up in a small fishing village in Maine. I hate spiders. I love food. I find beauty in many things and love to create. I am highly driven and strive for excellence in all I do. Oh, did I mention I love food?

I have eight years of professional experience in the fields of Information Technology, Social Media, Website Design, E-Marketing, Branding, Animation, Website Development, Project Management, and Graphic Design.

A dedication to team and client success is supported by my attention to detail, organization, multi-tasking, and proactive personality. I offer a wide breadth of both personal and professional knowledge from my work with such a diverse group of inspiring clients. I focus my high energy and forward thinking to each project, to produce exceptional results for each individual client.

I am proficient in all of Adobe’s design, web based, video, sound, and interactive products, as well as a multitude of hand picked, content specific programs from other software developers. I create and design end to end solutions with standards compliant code and an emphasis on identity branding, efficacy, cross platform browser compatibility, interactivity, accessibility, and search engine optimization.

With my strong technical aptitude, I design and implement animation, graphics, and interactive media that provides my clients with paramount products in the leading and ever growing technology industry. I am also fluent in CSS coding language as well as HTML, XHTML, and WordPress with a supporting catalog of knowledge in jQuery coding.

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